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Grilled Shrimp Recipe With Fresh Sage And Pancetta

This grilled shrimp recipe couldn’t be easier! It has so much flavour and only three simple ingredients - shrimp, fresh sage leaves, and sliced pancetta.


  • 24 shrimp fresh or thawed frozen
  • 24 fresh sage leaves
  • 24 pancetta rounds sliced thin


  • Pat shrimp dry on all sides with paper towel.
  • Place one sage leaf lengthwise along the body of each shrimp. Wrap with one slice of pancetta. Repeat until all shrimp are wrapped.
  • Place wrapped shrimp on a hot grill and cook until the pancetta is crispy, turning occasionally to prevent scorching.


Feel free to substitute bacon or prosciutto if you like. That being said, pancetta wrapped shrimp are one of our favourite easy summer appetizers to enjoy on the patio with friends.
Look for 13-15 or 16-20 shrimp. The numbers indicate how many shrimp per pound, so if you buy 13-15 shrimp there will be 13 to 15 shrimp in one pound. Basically, the smaller the numbers the larger the shrimp! Because sage and pancetta have strong, prominent flavours, this recipe works best with larger shrimp.
Leave the tails on your shrimp. Or don't. Leaving tails on shrimp is purely a personal preference. I like leaving the tails on because you can use them like a little handle. Feel free to remove the tails before wrapping and serving with cocktail forks or toothpicks!
Don't buy pre-packaged pancetta slices. Instead visit a deli and have them custom slice the pancetta for you. Super thin slices wrap around the shrimp easier and hold together better when flipping on the grill!
You don't need dip but Sriracha mayo is darn good. If you're into dip (which I am, but these babies seriously don't need it), try mixing Sriracha and mayo to taste until you get a heat level you like. And go big or go home. Use real, full fat mayo!