I’m so glad you found my food photography portfolio page. I specialize in creating custom content that highlights the essence of food brands. My passion for food, storytelling, and creativity all come together as I work closely with clients to bring their visions to life.

As you explore my portfolio, you’ll find a diverse range of work that reflects my sharp eye for detail. I do all of my own idea conception, food and prop styling, photography, and editing. I deliver professional, high-quality images and videos and I can’t wait to collaborate with you!

I have a complete list of services below my portfolio images. You can reach me via my contact page or my email—kelly AT kellyneil.com.

Waffle Fries With Salmon
Client: Cavendish Farms
Wild Blueberries & Cream
Client: Bleuets NB Blueberries
Slices of homemade quick bread on plates with a cappuccino dusted with cinnamon and a yellow-handled butter knife nearby.
Brown Butter Banana Bread
A Paloma Mocktail with a green and white striped straw and a bottle of grapefruit soda and a wedge of grapefruit nearby.
Paloma Mocktail
Mexican Street Corn Loaded Fries
Client: Cavendish Farms
Orange Curd Tart
Client: Baked
Holiday Fry Board
Client: Cavendish Farms
Festive Salmon Dinner
Client: Cedar Bay Salmon
Birthday Cake Ice Cream
Client: Baked Collective
Donair meatball Panzanella salad.
Donair Meatball Panzanella Salad
Client: Canada Beef
A raspberry margarita Mocktail sitting on three round marble coasters. The glass is filled with ice and has a salted rim and a lime wheel for garnish. The margarita itself is a vibrant rich red color and two limes sit nearby on the counter.
Raspberry Margarita Mocktail
Green Curry With Chicken & Fries
Client: Cavendish Farms
Classic Lemon Bars
Spanish Tapas Fry Board
Client: Cavendish Farms
An aqua coloured tile background topped with around a vanilla cake with frosting in a metal tin, plates of singleserving desserts, and a small platter of mini cheesecakes.
Desserts Available For Online Ordering & Delivery
Client: Divine Dishes
Applewood Orange Ginger Salmon
Client: Cedar Bay Salmon
Take Out At Home
Client: Cavendish Farms Food Service
Beer & Bar Snacks
Client: North Brewing & Side Hustle Snack Bar
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